Liquid Pearl (12 Pack)

Liquid Pearl complementing our Spa Pearls line of aromatherapy spa and bath crystals, now in our popular liquid blends. Comes 12 to a case to match our popular Spa Pearls. New Look for Spa Pearls Spa Pearls have a new look. More elegant and exciting new fragrances. Balance now a soothing Lavender; Harmony is now our Pomegranate fragrance; Desire is a gentile blend of Rose and Renew is our ever so popular Eucalyptus & Peppermint. Available in 12 crystal and liquid aromatherapy blends: Amaretto, Apple Pear, Caribbean Nights (Pina Colada), Citrus Splash, Kiwi, Razzberry, Balance (Lavender), Desire (Rose & Clary Sage), Harmony (Pomegranate), Passion (Passion Flower), Renew (Eucalyptus & Peppermint), Serenity (Peonies).

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