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Help set your Inn or resort apart by offering inSPAration aromatherapy products to your guest. In the competitive hospitality industry your guests are always looking for quality and value in their stay. Help them relax and enjoy the amenity of your jetted or non-jetted tub by offering them one of our great "Oil Free" Aromatherapy Pillow Pacekts.
inSPAration has been manufacturing fragrances exclusively for the Pool & Spa Industry for over 40 years and now has become a very popular amenity in B & B's, Hotels, Motels, Resorts and personal Spas & Hot Tubs around the world.
inSPAration Aromatherapy is formulated to be safe for all your equipment and will not foam, bubble or leave any unwanted oily residue around the tub. Not only manufactured for Jetted Systems such as Whirlpool Baths and Jetted Bath Tubs, but for those traditional tubs as well. Most importantly it will leave your Guests feeling satisfied, soft and moisturized! Let inSPAration's "Aromatherapy" fragrance blends take them away into that state of ultimate relaxation. Twenty four of the highest quality fragrances in Pillow Packet form that are sure to help you in providing your Guests a retreat they will never want to forget.
inSPAration is color coded and packaged in an attractive aromatic single use Pillow Packet, which is a sure to match even the most unique color schemes. Now Available, inSPAration bubble bath for those Hot Tubs without jetted systems in 6 unique Blends.
Offer to your guests an alternative to those other generic bath products, that could cause damage to your Whirlpool Baths and Hot Tubs and watch how they will keep coming back for more! Take advantage of our new "Innkeepers pack" with special pricing. For pricing and more information please register online as an Innkeeper.