inSPAration Misting Counter Display Kit w/Product

Mask those unwanted chlorine and chemical odors in your store while presenting your inSPAration in an Elegant way!
An attractive White Metal Counter Display that holds 6 Bottles of Aromatherapy Liquids, a case of 36 Pillow Packets and an inSPAration Home Mist Diffuser. Only takes up to 1sq. ft. of counter space to maximize productivity.

Kit Comes with:
12pk inSPAration Assorted “A” 9oz Bottles
36ct inSPAration Assorted 1/2oz Pillow Packets
1pc inSPAration Home Mist Diffuser
1pc White Metal Counter Display

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MSRP: $225.00 eachCase of: 2 BOXES SKU: 706k Categories: ,