Hydrotherapies Sport RX 5oz Sample Jars

Sample Size Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals Take it to the Next Level in Aromatherapy by immersing yourself in the power of Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals. Packed with Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Extracts, HTX is the ideal remedy for the active lifestyle. As you soak your body is being Stimulated, Energized, Protected, Relaxed, Rebuild and Elevated through this special blend of Magnesium Sulfate(Epsom Salt), Solar Sea Salt, Vitamins and Natural extracts. Perfect for the active lifestyle or anyone who wants to experience the next level in medicinal body treatment. Hydrotherapies Sport RX – “HTX” Use approx. 2-4oz per 500 Gal Hot Tub.

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Unleash Your Athletic Potential with Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals, Enhanced by Precision-Engineered Extracts. These specialized extracts work in perfect harmony with the power of Aromatherapy, ensuring that as you soak in the spa, they deliver on their promises. The meticulously chosen extracts precisely target your needs. This ensures that they perform exactly as intended, providing the full spectrum of benefits, from stimulation to relaxation.

Product Treatment Aromatherapy Blend
Elevate Reduce Stress Lavender & Cedar Wood
Energize Increase Energy Clary Sage & Ginger
Protect Detox & Immunity Lavender & Rosewood
Rebuild Joint & Muscle Peppermint & Eucalyptus
Relax Mind & Body Chamomile & Bergamot
Stimulate Respiratory Support Eucalyptus, Spearmint & Menthol